The benefits of a cloud based working environment


Zamir Wheeler

The benefits of a cloud based working environment

There are many positive factors which can benefit both your income and your lifestyle. Here are a few that we’ve experienced through our candidates placing them into Hybrid models and traditional agencies who are offering a hub and spoke structure.

1) Autonomy ~ You can take control of your diary managing both your life and your work meaning you can plan and structure your day favourably incorporating things such as picking up the kids from school, going to the gym and being efficient with your work tasks and appointments.

2) Increased efficiency ~ Cutting out travel to work and the need to be sitting in an office environment all day means you can be more efficient and spend more time actually doing the job. It means you are more available to clients and applicants, quicker and more responsive to enquiries and more streamlined and able to offer a better customer experience which means the customer benefits.

3) Increased earning potential ~ The businesses we recruit into are all about the "customer journey”. Most of them now produce the valuation opportunities leaving you to do what you do best as a valuer/estate agent… get the properties on and sell them in your localised area. With the increased working efficiency, the reduction in the agent having to do the business development (producing the valuations) you are able to earn significantly more money.

Ultimately agency is changing. Traditional businesses are working into a more hub and spoke model whilst hybrid businesses are increasing their levels of customer service resulting in a better “customer journey”. What does this mean for you as an estate agent? It means that you will have a better work life balance, higher remunerations and be able to give a more competitive service…

Everyone wins!

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